(Stormin’), You Should Write a (Blog)

Welcome to ChildFIRE, a blog about raising money-smart kids!

ChildFIRE is two things.

First, this is a blog about raising children in a world of Financial Independence and Retiring Early (FIRE) by someone who was one of those kids.

Second, ChildFIRE is a pun on the fact that the nicknames I’ve earned in my life—like Hurricane Kid and Stormin’—are all related to natural disasters.  This is partly because my mother–who is a meteorologist and specialized in disaster preparation–found that I was like raising a baby storm.  But this is also because I unexpectedly put out a lot of energy and enthusiasm with little to no warning; if I want to do something, I do it!

“Nords, you should write A BOOK.”  –Everybody who talks with my dad.

I’m not the first money writer in my family.   My dad has written a lot on the subject of FIRE, and it was suggested that HE write ANOTHER book about money, this time about kid FIRE instead of FIRE via the military.  When dad told me the tale, I asked if I could write about this idea instead.  He smiled as he figuratively passed the torch to me.






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