How to Teach Your Kid(s) About Investing

Question: how do I get my kids interested in investing? Question: how do I teach my kids about investing? Question: my kid wants to invest.  I’m new to this.  How do I get my kid started? When you spend all of your time in Facebook groups like ChooseFI, BiggerPockets Money, Mustachians in Practice, and aContinue reading “How to Teach Your Kid(s) About Investing”

Podcast Roll Call

*Dons tricorn hat and jumps on a galloping horse* THE BOOK IS COMING! THE BOOK IS COMING! THE BOOK IS COMINGGGGGG!!! UPDATE: THE BOOK IS HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERE! In case you haven’t heard (or properly browsed this website), our book Raising Your Money-Savvy Family For Next Generation Financial Independence (by Carol Pittner and Doug Nordman) comes outContinue reading “Podcast Roll Call”

Living in a Tiffany Jewel Box

To paraphrase my depression-era-born, Bronx-raised grandmother, she would love to live in a Tiffany jewel box.  As in that sleek, simple, rectangular, teal-colored cardboard box that often accompanies fine jewels from the Tiffany company. My mother and I have pondered this question for years.  Why a jewel box?  Why one from Tiffany of all places? Continue reading “Living in a Tiffany Jewel Box”

Struggling Without Electricity

There’s a blog title I never thought I’d write: struggling without electricity.  My family lives in north-central California, in a military/middle-class neighborhood; the last thing we’d expect to struggle with is reliable electricity.  And yet, in the five-ish months we’ve lived there, we’ve already dealt with four power outages, the longest stretching out for 7Continue reading “Struggling Without Electricity”

Buying Things That Bring YOU Joy

One of the hardest morals to teach children is: buy things that bring YOU joy, not because thing(s) are popular and it seems like everyone around you has it. Said another way, many people spend their money on things that are popular for a spell but add little long-term value to their life.  Fidget spinners,Continue reading “Buying Things That Bring YOU Joy”

(Stormin’), You Should Write a (Blog)

Welcome to ChildFIRE, a blog about raising money-smart kids! ChildFIRE is two things. First, this is a blog about raising children in a world of Financial Independence and Retiring Early (FIRE) by someone who was one of those kids. Second, ChildFIRE is a pun on the fact that the nicknames I’ve earned in my life—likeContinue reading “(Stormin’), You Should Write a (Blog)”